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Primaballet Online

our beautiful virtual ballet school world

for little ballerinas

Our beautiful online world for ballerina life at home & on the go! For just €9.99 a month, enjoy our classes any time & any where.

We are thrilled to now be able to bring our Virtual Ballet School World into your home. Practice along at home as we take a new class each week in our pretty studios & our Primaballet Theatre (inspired by the beautiful Mariinsky Theatre) and explore our ballerina world behind the scenes just like a real ballerina. Learn to plié, sauté & pirouette with us, teaching little ballerinas is what we love to do. We hope you love pirouetting with us too!


We add a new ballet class each week to keep our ballerinas learning & engaged. Dance with us, craft with us, enjoy story time & more. We're so excited to welcome you to our world!

This video has been deleted.
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