Our Primatots, Primakids & Primateens programs

Primaballet welcomes students from the ages of 2yrs + up to young adult (early twenties).

Our weekly classes run for 4 terms of 8 weeks per year as follows: 

Autumn Term: 8 weeks (September to early November)

Winter Term: 8 weeks (November to mid January) this term includes our Winter Recital Classes

Spring Term: 8 weeks (Mid of January to end of March)

Summer Term: 8 weeks (April to early June) this term includes our ballet exams & Summer Recital

Our fees are structured as follows:

Our 30min classes are €65 per term

Our 45 min classes are €80 per term

Our 1 hour classes are €100 per term

Our 1 hr 15min classes are €120 per term

All fees need to be paid in advance of a new term starting. As soon as you register with us we will email you a link to your access your account online with us, allowing you to pay your child's fees online.

New students:

We offer a free trial class to all our students to allow them to experience Primaballet before committing to a term. If they enjoy the trial class with us and wish to continue a 'once off' Registration fee of €20 is due and your account with us is then set up. You will then receive the details of your online account with us and payment for the remaining weeks of your child's first term with us are due before they attend their next class. 

Our students attended weekly classes in the following levels:

Primatots: (from 2yrs up to 5yrs)

Our Primatots level is our preschool & junior ballet program specially designed for toddlers and young children. It introduces our little ballerinas to basic ballet technique while encouraging the development of imagination, creativity, confidence, coordination, posture & social skills. Children’s imagination & expressiveness is a key focus in our Primatots program, with beautiful props and music being incorporated into each class.

The aim of our 2-3 yr old classes is to encourage our little Primatots ballerinas to follow instruction, learn basic technique, and foster their imagination & confidence through their natural love of movement & dancing. These classes run as weekly classes for 30mins 

For our 2yr old primatots parents/minders participate as much as their child requires and are asked to stay in the ballet room during class. Most of our 3yr old students happily stay in class without a parent/minder present.

For our 3.5-5yr olds we introduce slightly more advanced and challenging ballet steps & rountines, we introduce correct ballet terms from 'demi-plie' & 'sautes' to positons of the arms etc and we focus on introducing a beautiful ballet posture to our ballerinas. These classes run as weekly classes varing from 45mins-1 hour (depending on venue and grade level). 


Primakids: (from 6yrs up to 12yrs)

Our Primakids level classes are for our slightly older ballerinas and here we introduce ballet techniques, steps and exercises that are age appropiate in their technical requirements.

From the ages of 6 yrs+ our Primakids students also study the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) system of graded examinations and have the option of entering for our annual RAD ballet exams held in May.

The aim of our Primakids classes is to build a graceful posture and correct ballet technique in our students while continuing to develop their individual technical abilites, knowledge of the correct ballet language & steps and further develop their individual sense of performance and self expression through dance. At this level the benefits of a weekly ballet class starts to now show in the developement of an effortless, graceful posture in all of our students. Also from becoming used to dancing individually in class, in examinations and in front of their families & friends on our Recital Days their confidence and self esteem naturally builds too.

Our Primakids classes run as weekly classes varing from 45mins-1 hour (depending on venue and grade level).

Primateens: (from 13yrs to young adult)

Our Primateens level classes are for our older ballet students and here we continue to introduce more advanced ballet techniques, steps and exercises that are more challenging in their technical requirements. Our students continue to study the RAD system of ballet examinations moving through the higher level grade exams into the RAD vocational exams and learning to master pointe work. The nuturing of our Primateens confidence is a strong focus of our Primateens classes. We are keenly aware of how challenging a time the teenage years can be with body changes and academic & social 

pressures. Our Primaballet teachers strive to boost our students confidence in our weekly classes and focus on keeping our classes more energetic and technically challenging which in turn be a great weekly stress release for our Primateens. A beautiful, graceful posture is evident in all our Primateens and is one of the may gifts that a solid ballet training gives for life.

Our Primateens classes run as weekly classes varing from 1 hr - 1hr 15mins (depending on venue and grade level). 

Terms of Payment:

In the rare event that our class schedule is disrupted due to circumstances beyond our control, we will issue a credit for the equivalent number of classes, which can then be used at any of our venues.


Primaballet 'With Love' program

In Autumn 2016 we introduced our Primaballet 'With Love' program offering free tuition ballet classes to children in foster care. If you would like any further details please contact Aisling directly by emailing aisling@ballet.ie


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