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As exam time approaches regular practice at home with the correct grade video is esstential. The difference that the weekly practice makes is so evident in the students who practice at home when they perform in class each week. Unfortunately ballet exams cannot be crammed for! Regular practice is necessary not only to improve the memorising of the various exercises and dances but to strengthen posture, turn out, foot strength and mucle tone. It always greatly affects their confidence in the exam when they've put in the time in the months and weeks leading up to the exam.Unless your daughter is happy to practice regularly at home we don't recommend that she enters for examinations.

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The below videos cover from Pre-Primary Grade - Grade 5 

Primary Exam:
Grade One - Snowball Dance
Pre-Primary Exam

Grade One - Character Dance C

Grade One - Character Dance D
Grade 2 - Hide & Seek Dance

Grade 2 - Dance no 3.

Grade 3 - Dance C
Grade 3 - Dance No 3 
Grade 4 - Dance A
Grade 4 - Dance 3
Grade 5
Grade 5 - Dance 3
Grade One - Dance No 3.

Grade 2 - Character Dance C

Grade 3 - Dance A

Grade 3 - Character Dance D
Grade 3 - Reverence
Grade 4 - Character Dance D
Grade 4 - Reverence 
Grade 5 - Character Dance F
Grade 5 - Reverence

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